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Friday, July 6, 2012

Be Geekly Chic, Not Geekly Eeekk

I have some inside scoops on the Disney Channel original show A.N.T. Farm. On a super duper new episode of the hit television show (The ANTonagist) SPOILER ALERT Fletcher (A.N.T Farm star) decides to create a television show about real-life ants! But Olive does not agree with this she decides to SUE Fletcher :( I have some EXCLUSIVE PICS of the hit television shows new episode. Will be posted later :) The show has a bollywood theme headed for it in a part of the show.
Fashion Tip 1: Bollywood fashion is flashy and colorful, spice up your outfits with a little Bollywood SHABAM! Bollywood clothing is baggy so where a baggy blouse with tidie and you'll look FABULOUS :) 
For all you JB fans he will be performing at the Teen Choice Awards! The performance will air Sunday, July 22nd. He will also performing with the Canadian hit new star Carly Rae Jepson as well. Absolutely gonna be a show that you cannot miss!
TUNE IN TO THE: Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, July 22nd on FOX 
As for a summer look of the day here I will post it :)
Muahh xx
 From the televison show A.N.T Farm
Hot cute dresses for the summer time:)

-Geekly Chic

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  1. I love those dresses especially the yellow one and the green one! ;)