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Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 Me :)

Guess what my beautiful members ?? Today is my birthday :) So today I was gonna talk about the whole Chris Brown and Drake fight thats been spreading around but I couldn't get all the info that I need so SORRY :( 

So today I have decided since I havnt gotten all the information for the article I was gonna do, I have decided to talk about my birthday !! I am turning 13 today and everybody on Facebook has sent me wall thingy ma-bobs saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY and stuff so yeah. And about the article about the fight I will post that Tuesday as well as the list of things I got for my birthday. I can tell you one of the things I am getting because I know what it is. I am getting   my nose pierced at the mall YAY :p I know nose rings are so 2011 but I have had one before and it looked really cute XD So dont judge :) My grandma sent me a package for my birthday present and I am so excited to open it. My mother said that she was even jealous that I got it so yeah it must be good :)