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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not A Regular Article Day

Hello my fantabulous readers! I know this is not a usual article day but I just really wanted to talk to you guys. But also I have a article on the cutest thing alive. MY BABY SISTER IN A ADORBS OUTFIT!! The picture will be posted. 

Besides that, Uhmm this isnt a regular article then have a fashion tip in the middle. Instead of fashion tips I will also once in a while have beauty tips as well. 
beauty tip 1: Dont use Avocado or any of those stuff that will dry out your  skin and make you look very old. If you want your face to look young and beautiful use some egg (the white part not the yellow part)

I will have fashion tips as well as beauty tips. As you may see on the Live chats page on the site I will be able to chat with all of you guys all day! How this works is you get online in your google email account (if you dont have a google email account sorry you can email me) I will set up a chatroom and all you guys can get into it. I will hopefully add all you guys to my contacts list so I know when you guys are online and you could ask me questions and other stuff :)

Also I have a page on my site that say "geek chic outfit of the month" you could email me a pic of you in your cutest outfit that you have and you might be able to be be featured in "geek chic outfit of the month" to (possibly) be chosen you need to have a summary about this outfit, your name, a little bit about yourself. If you dont get picked for outfit of the month dont take it personal you just didnt have a FANTABULOUS outfit of the month. Maybe next time you will chosen. If you are chosen you get to email me the next article you want me investigate. But please if you dont get chosen dont take it personal. 

Also if you have site and you want to be added to my "Fantabulous Sites" section just send me a link to your blog and I will check it out. And if you see your page on the section you be proud of yourself because your blog is that awesome! 

Thats all I wanted to tell you guys. Tell your friends to check out my site, tell your famiy, tell your animals (if you have one.) IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WILL DO IT FOR ME!! But seriously please do it...

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