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Hey, My name is Geekly Chic but my friends call me Imani. I am a outgoing girl if I wasnt I wouldnt be doing this duh :) I have 4 other sisters not counting myself and I have a mom, my father on the other hand is out of the pix :( But I wont let that get me down because I love who I am and Im proud of it:)
  If you ever want to contact me and HMU you can email me at there really isnt much to tell because I dont have many viewers any way :(: But if someone does message me I will try to reply as fast as I can but dont freak out when I dont reply and in the subject put Geekly Chic fan and I will now who it is :) Muahh xx I will post something when I am having live chats with fans so look for those in my email logs :)


  1. well you kinda got the name from Frienimies so not many people will look it up they think its fake

  2. yeah thats actually true

  3. True, you actually did get it from Frenimies and you know some people might not like that show so they won't look Geekly Chic up. But, some people could like the show and they probably think that this website is not put up. You are actually doing a pretty good job so far. :-)