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Saturday, July 7, 2012

OMG Im So Geekly Chic

Today I want to talk about the OMG Girlz. They are every girls dream style and persona. With their OMG style that will burst you to tears, they are the hip new teen pop sensation (yes, bigger then Justin Bieber). Those 3 girls (Babydoll, Star, and Beauty) are the blood of the known famous T.I. the once very popular hip hop sensation, besides that those 3 girls are the goddesses of THE FASHION WORLD! 
Fashion Tip 2: Those 3 girls are like the dolls Bratz the girls with a passion for fashion. Go look on some of there photos and you will see that there style is colorful and BAM! So to get that look try matching neon colors together or neon pink with white, light blues with yellow, and so on...
A picture of the OMG Girlz if you dont know who they are will be posted...

But in other news, I have been reading a book that would be awesome if your into the types of books in the format of a letter? If you do like those kind of books, you will totally LOVE this book named The Flirt Club, this book is about some girls that are in 8th grade make a club to learn how to flirt with boys. That is all I can tell because I am not fully finished with the book myself. A picture of the book cover will be posted. 

Todays hot summer look pic us coming up :) These shorts below are geek but FABULOUSLY chic :)

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