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Monday, July 9, 2012

Interview With Emily Rachelle

I recently had a interview with the famous blogger Emily Rachelle (AKA Blog of a (Maybe) teen author)
This is what she had to say to all the questions me and as well as her came up with... 

1. What Inspired you to create this amazing blog?

It was a school day in December. I was doing research for and English paper, and expository essay on teenagers and writing. I was trying to find a specific aspect of this topic to focus on when I came across a sixteen-year old on Yahoo! Questions who was seeking out other teenager writers to get to know online. There were quite a few, but a couple of adults said some things that pretty much meant "Teenagers cant write, so stick to reading until your older." As a teenage writer myself my blood was boiling. My research for the same paper had revealed how easy it was to start a blog for free, so I decided to set up my own and write my thoughts on the concept of teen writing. On Sunday, December 12, 2010, my expository essay titled "Teens Can Write, Too" became my first post.

2. Do you think that this blog has changed young teenagers lives as well as their perspective on life?

I can't answer that, honestly. You'd do better to ask my  lovely readers if they feel I've changed their perspective on live - or writing. :)  I like to think I have an effect on the world, though, since I pour so much mind and heart into my blog. 

3. I saw your interview with Wassup Girly AKA Pretty Kitty, how was that established? 

Actually, it's pretty simple. She read and enjoyed my blog, then she emailed me. (I assume she read my Contact Me page. :] ) I've offered on that page to post about or help out other bloggers/writers, but she was the first to take me up on that offer. I was actually a bit excited that someone had!

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?

Skirts, actually - colorful skirts that swirl and maxi skirts that brush the tops of my feet and backs of my ankles as I walk - the kind that you are supposed to get wrinkled and crumpled. I have several: bright, knee length skirts in complementing patterns and long, more demurely colored skirts that make me geel like a princess or maiden off a historical novel's cover. 

5. What do you want to accomplish with this blog? 

I guess I don't have many set goals. I want to reach 100 members and make my blogoversary/holidays/birthday blog party an annual event, but those don't really feel like accomplishments. I just like to share a little bit of my life with others and hope it inspires or entertains them.

6. What do you do when your not blogging?

Read, watch movies, surf Pinterest, check email ( a lot more than you'd expect!), listen to audiobooks, crochet, write stories and poetry.

7. Do you have any advice for bloggers just now creating blogs? 

Well, I don't have any original advice, but I can pass along advice I've picked up from others.  Make your blog... A) people-friendly.  Use proper spelling and grammar; use fonts, colors, and designs that are pleasing to the eyes and not too fancy.  This will ensure that readers who love your content won't be turned away by 'minor details.'  B) easy to follow.  Regardless of what blogging service you use, keep your follow features visible and close to the top of every page.  It's also a good idea to have more than one way to follow.  Personally, I follow all blogs I like via GFC and also follow my favorites via email.  This ensures that readers will return to your blog.  C) predictable.  Now a lot of people promote blogging in a niche, about a certain topic with which you are familiar.  As a "lifestyle blogger," I don't really follow this, but I also don't care about having a ton of readers.  If you're a blogger that likes to have many visitors, this is definitely good advice to follow.  D) scheduled.  I didn't always follow this point either, but I have for a good time now and must say that it helps immensely.  Readers know when you will and won't post, so they know when to check for new content.  If you are part of a regular blog chain, hop, or meme, readers will know what days you'll be posting about that.  Scheduling is a help to the blogger, but it's even more of a convenience to the reader.

Well you heard it from the one and only Emily Rachelle. I hope we could get to know each other further on in the blogging world and personal world as well. Good for you Emily bringing out your kiddish side because every body has one :) Well I am Imani and I am signing out with this Interview with Emily Rachelle :)

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  1. COOL! My name's Rachelle!!!1 :D nice blog, by the way. :)